Leaving What Entangles You

While your heart yearns for changes in your life, your security system overrides that desire by keeping you entangled with what you know best. The saying in the poster describes someone’s desire to cross an ocean without letting go of the shore. Not gonna happen!

Some people are more adventurous at heart while others are more centered in sameness. Every individual finds their balance between these opposing ideas. That selected balance will guides your life, limits your life, and inevitably creates your life. The balance is also changeable depending on life’s situations. You are the only one who declares this balance a “fixed state”.

Balance which leans only on what you know, what you trust, what has been tried and true will result in living more or less that same as you have lived. You will look around you and realize people living similar lives surround you. Like draws like. The other balance, which throws caution to the wind and seeks adventure after adventure, may become lost in wanderlust and never recognize when they find what their heart is seeking. Never find their home.

I have listened to many people sorting out this very balance to free themselves up to seek their dream. Many have successfully began their new life, their dream and found the joy they were looking for.

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