Letting Go of "Re-Reading" the Past

I have helped many people do their work on issues of the past. However, the point of the "work" is to "let go" and move on, building the amazing life set before you.

It is very difficult to let go when you don't know what you are releasing. Talking with someone who can help you sort out your past for the purpose of letting go can be very helpful.

The focus of looking back is only to let go, to release this energy that can hold you back. You may feel a need to forgive others or yourself for past issues. Forgiveness can be one way of releasing.

If you have traumatic memories that are difficult to release, please consider the EMDR treatment. EMDR rewires the memory into a package where letting go is possible. Then no re-reading or re-traumatizing yourself every time you remember.

(I have provided information and links on this website to explore the possibilities of EMDR for yourself.)

Every time you catch yourself re-reading something painful from you past do the following:

Pause and ask yourself, "Will this be helpful for me to re-enter this memory energetically? Will remembering help me release the energy stored within or build upon what is already there?"

If you feel it is helpful - take the time to ground yourself, and be fully present in the memory, asking your body to release the energy stored within.

If you feel it is NOT helpful - choose to think on other things. Redirect yourself in a purposeful manner to another more hopeful event.

The purpose is to avoid denial of what occurred, yet not contribute to the negative energy stored in the memory. The final purpose is to release any of the negative energy that restrains you from the life you desire.

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