The Loud Quiet of the Silent Forest

The Loud Quiet of the Silent Forest I am sitting on my deck, looking down at the small lake below our vacation home near the Olympic National Forest. Each time I arrive, unpack and then sit on the deck to begin my time in the forest I am always surprised by the silence. I feel all of the tension leaving my body and my energy self. In silent's wake is a sublime calm. My eye gaze moves from the lake to the lush forest surrounding me. Phallic trees everywhere pointing towards the sky yet grounded in the feminine rich fertile undergrowth. Ecosystem upon ecosystem so complex I cannot take it all in. My heart fills up with peace, gratitude and my soul becomes at ease.

How does all that happen so suddenly, so effortlessly? Scientists are doing research to find ways to support what we so clearly know intuitively. Research mega-analysis reports agreement on mental health and physical health restoration, prevention and immune enhancement. More studies will be needed to reach predictive levels.

But we know what we know. When we walk in the forest, spend time in a park, camp in the woods, or simply walk outside in a treed area we know something is happening.

That's enough for me. I am going to walk in the forest, sit on my deck, kayak along the forest laden shoreline, hike on the trails I can still manage. I don't know what happens but I know something happens. I am renewed, my soul is calmer, I am lighter, I am relieved of some kind of a burden that leaves me more whole. So I am just going to be with trees on a regular basis. Maybe the science will catch up with what I know - maybe it won't. But I know. And I think you do to.

Do something about what you know. Go for a walk in the forest soon and regularly.

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