5 Action Items to do During Covid

Due to these challenging and changing times resulting from the CoVid Virus I wanted to reach out to you with some action items. There is a LONG list of things we are told we are NOT to do and the list of what we CAN do seems very short. I would like to suggest 5 things we can do each day that would be helpful.

First, let’s be kind to ourselves, be gentle with expectations for ourselves, and the critique of ourselves. This is a time to do enough but maybe not our best. Each day notice what you did that was meaningful and from the heart.

Second, be kind to each other. Everyone is trying. One moment you look at your spouse and feel loving emotions towards them. Another moment, maybe only a nanosecond after the first – you hate the way they chew their cereal!  Realize we are living in unusual times from our lived experiences. Be gentle with each other. Acknowledge what we love and adore about each other and try and let the other stuff go.

Third, make your bed. Sounds silly but once you are done making your bed you have accomplished something. You feel a sense of organization and control in your life. And you may not spend the rest of the day in it.

Fourth, find a purpose in each day. It might be to just get up, shower and dressed. For another it is finding a project to do. For another it is reaching out to those in need. Find your purpose for each day and fulfill it.

And Fifth, experience moments of gratitude each morning and each evening. Moments are enough. You don’t need a 60-minute meditation feeling grateful. Take the moment, feel grateful and move on. Once, in the morning and once in the evening.

What I have been talking about here is good mental health practices. However, when you feel a conversation with a professional would be helpful, please reach out. Therapists are ready to be an encourager, problem solver and support growth during this time of uncertainty.

Telehealth or virtual office sessions are very effective and reimbursed by your insurance. All you need is a private place. Many people sit in their car in the driveway with a great WIFI signal, others squeeze in a session in their home office between business meetings. Support is available.

Reach out to myself or another therapist you know during these challenging times.

Be well.

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