The Last Eyelash Extension Has Fallen


It’s official. I have been monitoring the situation. As of today, I am officially “eyelash-less”. The last eyelash extension silently disconnected and left me somewhere during the night. That last single extension held on to the bitter end, refusing to leave me unadorned but it too gave up and left. Now all I have is me.

All I have is me. Isn’t that what we have been fearing?? Isn’t that what we spend our energy avoiding? We distract ourselves from letting who we really are creep into our full awareness. We use retail therapy, hot fudge sundaes, Botox, hair color or that fake smile we put on every selfie. Sometimes the avoidance needs to bring in the big powers like alcohol, drugs, video games, comfort food or your addiction of choice. We post how happy we are on Facebook and Instagram. We reassure our self with the number of likes our post received. All to avoid the inevitable truth that really “all I have left is me.”

So I stand there looking at my eyelash-less lashes, the spindly remains of what is really me and I slowly discover, well really that’s not so bad. Not lavish but not so bad. Not “Ta Dah!” but not so bad. I am really not so bad. And in fact with a little light mascara they outline my lid and set off my eyes rather nicely. I am not so bad. 

So here I are in my full glory. No eyelash extensions. Grey roots showing about 1.5 inches, my hair flat against my head without any lift due to my DIY haircut. When all the flash has left me, and I stand there unadorned – I am not all that bad! This is what I have been running from, distracting myself from, investing my hard earned money on beauty products to avoid? Unadorned me – and I am not so bad. In fact I think I just might be OK, which is a few steps above the not so bad. 

When we face our worst fear, be it eyelash-ness or finding our voice we have long avoided, we stand in front of everyone, including our self to just be me, it ends up being ok.

Let’s all evaluate what we are avoiding. Face it head on and realize it is going to be OK because - I am OK.

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