Spiritual Growth Support

Spiritual Support

I offer safe spiritual dialogue through all stages of spiritual awakening or religious questioning.

Caterpillar growing into a butterfly

Often our spiritual growth does not occur in tandum with those around us. We may have questions about our current beliefs that are threatening to those we feel close to.

    • Where is a safe place where I can create a dialogue to actually hear my self and understand where I am going?
    • If I don't believe what I used to believe then what is it I believe?
    • My friend's beliefs are changing and I feel uncomfortable.
    • My friend's beliefs never change and all I seem to do is question.
    • I am ready for the text level in awakening but don't know where it is
    • I left my religion but where do I turn for a spiritual context for my life now?

You begin to feel an awakening inside for spiritual change.

  • I don't feel my religion is supporting my spiritual growth - so what are my options?
  • I want to explore the options for spiritual growth but don't know where to start.
  • I want to explore various spiritual ideas without joining a group or having to follow a specific guru.
  • I want dialogue to open up creative ideas about my spiritual path.
  • I want to learn to listen to my soul but don't know where to start.

What does safe spiritual dialogue with a spiritual guide offer:

  • A conversation removed from all other influences and relationships in your life so you can truly explore your soul's journey and where it may be taking you.
  • A safe place to explore ideas you may not even believe in.
  • A safe place without judgment that allows me to open up unexplored areas of your life.
  • A dialogue with someone who has been through great spiritual change and offers wisdom for the process.
  • A grounded place of dialogue rather than drifting.

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